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  For Authors

Requirements for articles:

The article should be written in English in the academic style and contain no grammatical errors.

Aplication form

The articles should contain the following elements:

  • formulation of the problem;
  • analysis of recent research and publications;
  • statement of purpose of the article;
  • the main material of the research;
  • conclusions and recommendations for further research;
  • bibliography.

Requirements for layout of articles:

Materials are accepted electronically (MS WORD), sent to the e-mail address of the editor. The name of the file with text, tables and illustrations consists of the author's surname, the title and the constituent parts of the article (text, pic., Tab.). The printout is obligatory. The formatting of the text: A-4 sheet size (210 by 297 mm), upper, lower, right margins - 20 mm, left margin - 30 mm, size of the character (key) - 14, interchanging interval - 1,5, font - Verdana.

In the upper left corner, the UDC index, below in the center the author, the title of the article are given.

Information about the author is given in the link on the first page of the article. The following data should also be indicated: surname, name, name of patronymic, scientific degree, rank, place of work, work address, e-mail address. Submitted annotation in the Ukrainian language (2-3 sentences), summary of the topic, which the article is dedicated to, keywords (up to 8 words). The text must meet the requirements set out above. The article size should not exceed one note sheet (40,000 characters with spaces). The references in the text are invariably given by a semi-code in parentheses, for example (Son, Sheiko 2016, p.79), without a comma before the year. Literature in the original language is given after the text and is given according to the old model, the names of the authors are highlighted in italics. ATTENTION! It is necessary to specify the publishing house, and in the compilations, the name of the editor. We remind that literature should consist only of sources that have a link in the text.

Son N.O. Sheiko I.M. Metal lamps from Olbia and Tire // Archeology - 2016 - No. 4. - p. 79-87. The following information should be submitted: a summary in Russian and English languages, in volume of 0.5 pages. The requirements are the following: the title of the article, the author, the author's data (the same as in the beginning of the article), the text of the resume, the key words. All items are given in two languages.

ATTENTION! After the summary under the heading References, the same list of literature used in the article is provided, but already in Latin transliteration. All sources published in Cyrillic should be transliterated, or a translation should be submitted if it was published. It is necessary to use official transliteration, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on January 27, 2010 (in this case, the Russian letter "Э" translates as "E", and the letter "Ы" to "Y", the letters "Ь, Ъ" are not written; you can check on page www. slovnyk/services/translit.php). Literature in the list is in alphabetical order.

In References, additional information about the source is separated by a comma: the title of the journal or compilation is highlighted in italics, after a comma, the year, the issue, the number of pages. For monographs: author, title, full stop, city, publishing house, year. It is not allowed to use the dash in the list of literature or //, /.

Requirements for design drawings:

All types of illustrations in the text are indicated with: Fig. (Рис.)

The numbering of illustrative materials should be sequential without spaces and repetitions. Illustrations, in particular, drawings on tables, should be related to the text. If there are positions in the picture, then the number indicating the position is highlighted in italics (Fig. 1, 24). The same applies to tables.

On the back of the illustrations the author's name, the title of the article, the figure number in Arabic numerals is given. If the illustrations have conventional symbols - the "legend", they all need to be decoded in the text under the picture.

The drawings submitted in an electronic version must be in TIFF or JPEG format, minimum 300 dpi. Drawings printed from the electronic version must be dated with the corresponding files.

Table materials for the article should be submitted in a format that corresponds to the technical capabilities of the printing press. They should not exceed 40% of the total article size.

We ask authors to adhere strictly to the established rules of material layout.

Materials are located in the following order:

  • in the upper right corner of the photo.
  • UDC index (separate paragraph left aligned);
  • the full name, patronymic and the surname of the author / authors (independent paragraph right aligned); academic rank, academic degree, position (independent paragraph right aligned); place of work: the name of the institution, the name of the place (if it is not included into the name of the institution), the country, personal e-mail address (a separate paragraph right alighted);
  • the title (bold type, capital letters, a separate paragraph without indenting, center aligned after one interval);
  • title and abstract (Verdana 12pt, interval 1,5, 1 page).
  • short abstract (italics, separate paragraph) with key words (5-10) after it (bold type, a separate paragraph);
  • text of the article (Word - 2003, Verdana 14pt, interval 1,0, margins: left - 30 mm; right - 15 mm; top and bottom - 25 mm; 8-12 pages in Ukrainian, Russian or English). The amount of the article - not less than 0,5 quires. (8-12 pages without list of references);
  • list of references under the title "BIBLIOGRAPHY" in alphabetical order, provided according to common requirements for bibliographic description of scientific literature. Bibliographic references must be in square brackets. The first numeral is the number of the source in the literature, the second is the page number e.g. [5, p. 80].


For preview, the article sent send to an e-mail: europska.veda@eidv.eu

* The editorial reserves the right to review, edit, and reduce and reject the articles. The reliability of the facts, statistics and other information in the articles is the responsibility of the author.